Day 137 (positive project) Wow, What Happened?

Wow, it’s now March 6 and I haven’t posted an update since February 29. Since we last spoke, I have been on an incredible journey. I have had fears calmed, faith restored, heart opened, passions reinforced and path lit.
I will run through the amazing journey by trying to break it down and spread it across days 138, 139, 140, 141, 142 and 143. But first let me deal with day 137, my last day in Mal País.

We have made amazing friends at Pachamama, in Franz, Amanda and Amancio. Also in other people that were staying at Pachamama, Kim, Dan, Katie, Kurt, Sharon, Tom and Colin. And also an amazing contact made in Carolyn who runs her own social media company and has given me some valuable information in starting up my own social media business. It has been such an amazing experience.

We spent our last day in the natural tidal pool ending with a yoga session on the beach at sunset.

Pachamama, which means ‘Mother Earth’, truly lived up to its name by providing everything we needed. It was now time to give back to the Earth as we prepared to leave for Envision Festival.


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