Day 136 (positive project) Your Potential to Achieve


Each morning and night I travel up or down these stairs, they are steep and tiring. Whilst traveling down them I was reminded of a time when I was much younger.
When you are young and going down stairs like these, you handle them quickly and wonder why your parents are taking so long to come down? Well now I am older I was questioning why I was taking them so slowly? Its not because of my joints or pain or anything physical, I realized it was more to do with fear.

As we grow older we tend to take more care in the things we do as we understand the consequences of a mistake. In the case of these stairs, the fear holds us back and this can be likened to anything we do in life. If we hold fear about the result, we may not take a risk. Sure, we may still get down the stairs, but when I decided to move more quickly and let go of fear, I had way more fun and felt more alive.

Let go of fear and realize your potential to achieve.


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