Day 135 (positive project) Nurture your Passions


Life can be challenging, that’s for sure. Some people have it easy and some extremely difficult. Everyone however has the strength to make their own choices and to do this must truly connect to who they are.

One minute people tell you to live your passions and to focus your attentions in one area, after all nothing can be achieved without attention and determination. The next minute however, you are advised to introduce balance into your life and to give things a break!
“But hang on a minute!” you say, “I thought I was supposed to live my passions and do what is important to me?”

Yes, this is true, but maybe all your passions require equal attention?

It can be hard to remain focused on all passions, I can liken it to planting a number of seeds. Perhaps you plant five seeds, they all need taking care of, but maybe all in different ways.
Maybe you neglect one, or over water another. Maybe one requires less water than another, but you go ahead and give it the same anyway. This can result in a lot of dead plants. You need to now how to cultivate each passion, if only there was a label!

The only observation I make here, is learn how to nurture your seeds, stay awake and focused, stand back and look at all your plants and understand what attention they all require and deserve.


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