Day 133 (positive project) Choices of the Heart

I am currently partaking in the 21 day meditation challenge from Chopra. I did it last year and found it to be very beneficial. This year, due to lack of Internet combined with lack of privacy, I am a few days behind and I just took part in day 3.

The message I have found in todays meditation is to really be aware of the choices we make. We really need to make our choices based on our own hearts desires. If decisions are being made based on a perceived reaction, or to create a reaction from another, then maybe the root of the decision needs to be reassessed and one must return to the heart and to truly learn what action would be best, based on that feeling of the heart. For this to work, one must first tune in to their heart and really know themselves.

Today I challenge you to truly get to know yourself from the heart and to start making your decisions from that place.



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