Day 132 (positive project) Awareness


Yesterday a friend of mine posted the above Facebook update!

The first thing that came to mind was something similar to, “How can my friend not care about this stuff?” This quickly shifted to, “…his post highlights a lot of positivity in many ways”.

Not only did the post generate a lot of positive comments, be them jokes, or glimmers of humor set in sarcasm, but it also highlighted the need for positivity. I am very happy that someone else is demanding a more positive thread to life.

Not only this, but the content he speaks of, Monsanto, Pipelines and the Harper Government in Canada, are all very important issues that can be looked at with either negativity or as one chooses, with positivity. The fact that the writer of this post is aware of all these issues is a positive in itself, and it highlights the need for the people talking about them to focus on the positive aspect of each subject matter, rather than from a doom and gloom type stance. The very fact that these subject matters are at the forefront, is positive, we just need to see the exposure of these subjects as an opportunity for positive change and a blessing that people want to make a stand for humanity.

This post cries out that the world is changing in a positive way – keep up the good work all and stay positive!


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