Day 131 (positive project) Give to Receive


I have been reading a book entitled the PassionTest. (Yes, I started this a while ago now, but as many will testify I take my time with books and also very rarely finish them.)

One section really spoke to me and as a previous follower of Abraham-Hicks, it connects even more so.
In the passion test one of the authors, Janet Bray Attwood, speaks of a Saint in India, named Nani Ma. Nani Ma speaks of the law of attraction and I wanted to highlight an important part of what she says and something I feel has the capacity to be adopted by many that consider themselves as ‘suffering’:

“The way to create whatever you want in life is by giving it to other people. Sometimes people think they want money or a husband or children, but nobody really wants anything except happiness. The pursuit of all these other things is only for the sake of happiness.
The way to have happiness is to give what you want to have. On the relative plane, life is just like a mirror. Whatever you do, that is what you receive.
So if you want to receive happiness then you must give happiness. If you want to receive love then you must give love. If you want to receive respect then you must give respect.”

So it all boils down to the simplest of facts and I am sure I have written this before in a blog post:

What you put your attention on
grows stronger in your life.

For more information about the passion test you can check out their site


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