Day 130 (positive project) Pace Yourself

Hello folks, I know these posts aren’t coming at a consistent pace, or every day as they ‘should’, but I am sure no one really minds! The point is, they are still coming and I don’t plan on stopping them. I have released any stresses that may be involved in posting ‘on time’ because really, it just doesn’t matter.
Costa Rica has certainly shown me a thing or two, especially the lifestyle that I am living here. I have avoided the most developed areas of the country and have managed to live a fairly simple existence here. As those of you reading know, I have been staying in a tent and using an outdoor kitchen and outdoor cold showers, very minimal and basic but in my eyes, perfect.
This way of life simplifies everything. The only problem I have found is that it can make you a little lazy and some aspects of life become more of a chore. As soon as I started feeling this, I managed to corral my thoughts and just slowed everything down. The way I was able to make it work for me was to imagine that whatever task I had to do, was simply the only task I had to do. I was also able to really sink into the task and merge with it, as if I was the task, not something I have to do, but a necessary extension of myself.
By carrying out actions in this way you make friends with the moment and it becomes peaceful. Instead of laying out a bunch of tasks infront of me, I simply chose to be the task. I guess in a way it is like a meditation. Nothing else exists except you inside of the task, and dropping the fact that it is a ‘task’ and turning it into an ‘action’ also removes the feeling of it being a chore.

Right I’m outta here, maybe there is another action for me at the end of this action, who knows…..?


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