Day 129 (positive project) Making an Effort

I feel exhausted!
¿Por Qué.
Because of my attempts at speaking and listening to Spanish.

I feel that it is only polite to at least make an effort to speak the language of the locals when you are in a foreign speaking country. I have multiple ‘apps’ which aid me with this and also the aid of google translate (when I have Internet). But today, I am feeling the burn!
We are living in a tent and use an outside kitchen, shared with an amazing 66 year old character known as Amancio, (or Emancio, not figured that out yet). He has lived in the teepee here for eight years. And speaks no English. Thankfully my other half speaks some Spanish, so some translations often occur. Armed with my iPhone however I am able to explain to him how stupid I am and to tell him how tiring it is for me to hablas en español.
Despite my efforts to communicate my uselessness, he continues to talk to me as if I were the head professor at a world renowned Spanish University! I am unable to type, or even spell the words he sprouts, fast enough, into my multitude of apps and so am reduced to sincere nods.
Sometimes it is hard to see my positive efforts, even with my recent signing up to, but I must not let my incompetence pull me into despair. I must recognize that Rome wasn’t built in a day and I at least am trying.
My fingers are crossed, not so much for the sake of learning Spanish, but in the hope of my head not exploding.
Check out Amancio…..



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