Day 125 (positive project) Amazing Trust

Yesterday we drove a quad to Nosara. Which in itself is a positive because what male wouldn’t enjoy driving a Quad bike over rough ground and through rivers? It’s just plain fun. But that aside, my point of focus of today’s (feb 17) post is trust.
Whilst looking through a store in Nosara, we became familiar with the store keeper and discovered that he made his own jewelry. He was very friendly and helpful. I decided to buy an item from him. He explained at the start that he would take a credit card but on time of payment the telephone line was down and he couldn’t take the money.
So we asked if he could save it and we would come to try again later. Now that part that surprised me and has made me stand back in awe was the fact that he refused to do this, telling us to keep the item and come back to pay tomorrow!
I tried to say no and to give it him back, but he wasn’t having it. He insisted we take it and return to pay another time.

This has taught me a huge deal about trust and I wish this trust was experienced everywhere around the world.



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