Day 122 (positive project) Innocent Valentine

There is a great family from Colorado living in the house next door here in Mal País. They have a young son with them called Colin.
This morning the couple on the other side of us and ourselves were both left small notes to awake to, addressed to each couple, on our shared table on the terrace. Upon opening the note we were greeted by the picture you see below.

There is something very heart warming about these types of gestures, especially when so much innocence is involved.
Valentines is not about corporations and extravagant gifts it’s simply about connectedness and love.
Thanks Colin and family for highlighting the simplicity of love.



2 thoughts on “Day 122 (positive project) Innocent Valentine

  1. Hi Alan! So great to see your post — what a special time and place we shared at Pachamama! We are honored to be a small part your positive project. I read your blog every few days and enjoy your perspective on the positive. Hello to Venita. I’ve had the gorgeous art you created for us framed; I will forward a photo of it when I get it back from the frame shop. It is our one and only souvenir from Costa Rica 2012. It is one special piece. Thank you.

    1. Hey Sharon, so amazing to hear from you. I am glad you managed to find the post regarding you guys. Fantastic to hear that you have framed venitas work, I have a framed piece too! I have not posted to the blog in the last 6 days as I have been away from Internet. I have so much to write though, so I will be adding things soon.

      Stay in touch, love to the family!

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