Day 121 (positive project) Do We Really Need Shampoo?

I’ve been on vacation now for twelve days and due to my whole ‘travel light’ idea, I cut down on numerous items to keep the baggage trim.
One item I deliberately omitted was shampoo. So as you’ve rightly guessed it, I haven’t used shampoo in my hair (or anywhere else for that matter) for twelve days!
I simply wash my hair with cold water and all seems fine.
A girlfriend of mine adopted this method following a trip overseas during which she was in and out of the water and on the beach all the time. It was just easier not too wash it all the time. She says that her hair built up a natural grease for a while and then it balanced out.
I think I’m exiting the greasy stage, and when I say greasy, i mean it’s just a little ‘different’ to touch, it’s not as bad an image as the word greasy conjures up.
See the way I look at it, corporations say you need to buy shampoo to wash your hair and you also need to buy hair gel to style it. Well I say you don’t need either. My hair seems to naturally stay where I put it at the moment and by not putting all those chemicals in my hair and down the drain, I’m helping out the environment too.
Who knows, if reports of stinky hair start coming in, I may have to rethink my strategy and move into the ‘natural’ shampoo range.


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