Day 120 (positive project) Letting the Dust Settle

Made the four month mark of this project! That’s something! Anyway……

If you have been reading my last few Costa Rica blogs, you will know that the roads are very dusty here. The dust experienced during my last few days of hiking the roads, followed by this day of relaxation, has led me to an interesting metaphor.
The only real reason of coming to Costa Rica for me, was to ground myself by getting away from all distractions. I enjoy so many different pastimes and get all caught up in them, not knowing where to focus my energies and efforts. When one gets caught up in all this, it is like being on the dusty road, climbing the hill in the heat. When you allow for the dust to settle you get chance to glimpse why you are really on the road, or in fact on the right road.
It’s a little like stripping down your activities to nothing, re-prioritizing them and deciding which ones you want to put back in your bag of life and carry with you.

So as I allow the dust to settle, my focus re-adjusts and I trust when I leave Costa Rica my goals will be re-aligned.


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