Day 118 (positive project) In Sync with Nature

The other night I read an article explaining how science has a made a connection between healthy cells and harmonious surroundings. The connection is to say that when one is submerged in nature, such as walks in the forest, time on the beach, a swim in the ocean, or admiring a sunset; then ones cells are encouraged to grow and regenerate, therefore, healthy.
When one is not exposed to nature, your cells seize up and form a protective layer almost, which inhibits the cells growth and regeneration. Amazing!
Well, I completely experienced this today (yesterday as you read this). I was awoken by an encouraging voice at around 5.30am, “the sun’s about to rise, let’s go and watch it!”
As you can imagine, the article I mentioned above was not forefront in my mind an I’m sure if you’d have reminded me of it, I would’ve said, “ahh, what does science know!?”
I wanted more sleep. I did peek at the slight redish glow through the window and admittedly it was slightly eyelid-lifting. It still required a few more words to reluctantly raise my entire body from slumber, but I did it and grumbled down the stairs, camera in hand. It didn’t take me long to be completely awake and excited. As we are currently staying for two nights in a random shack on the beach (complete with bats, frogs and crabs) it made the sunrise even more special.
The day unfolded into a five kilometer bike ride, a ten kilometer walk and following a puncture and a slab of chocolate cake, I now retire with the sunset. I am left with the question, “Should I live by the Sun?”
I feel the world would benefit from this positive change of lifestyle and so dies the article I mention above.
I plan to rise once again with the sun tomorrow and maybe share its bedtime once again too.



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