Day 115 (positive project) Have Hammock; Will Travel


After all the walking from a previous day, it was time to put our freshly purchased hammock to use.

I’m not sure why, but there is something so comfortable about a hammock. Whether it’s down to how the blood rushes away from your feet to replenish some energy, or the gentle swinging motion in harmony with the supportive ‘cupping’ action of the fabric; I don’t know the science!
Whatever it was, I observed previously swinging hammocks to assess the knotting etiquette, which appeared fairly easy to remember. All I needed were two pieces of rope and I was swinging.
My experiences so far have been flawless; simple erection, the ability to create either shade or sun (using the sides of hammock), the hammock can be shared and unlike a towel on the beach, no sand!

So does this bring me to a positive change?

Yes, hammocks!


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