Enbridge and Cancer!

Only minutes after writing a letter to highlight my disgust at upcoming pipeline plans of Enbridge, I receive a request for money from a friend who is taking part in the ‘Enbridge ride to conquer Cancer’.
Now the request in itself is fine and I am all for helping people raise money for a worthy cause. My problem however is how can Enbridge sponsor such an event. I am hoping it backfires on them. Most people may not even know who Enbridge are, but now they see it in the title of the ride to conquer cancer, it may spark some questions. Such as, hmmmm, isn’t most cancer caused through some form of production that Enbridge is involved in? Well maybe not so directly, but come on people this is going too far now. An oil company sponsoring a cure for cancer! Well I guess they should cough up some money for the issues they’ve put on the table.
Let’s see this for what it is and make sure we don’t fall for there cries of support. ‘ahh good old Enbridge, they do care!’ NO! We’ll know they care when they stop selling the planet.

You can see my letter below and you can write your own here.

Also, an article about this in the Georgia straight.

It is time for humanity to truly be born. As the human race evolves, we need to evolve in the right direction and to not be so set in our ways as the most wasteful Animal on the planet. We owe it to all other creatures and ourselves. We need to live resourcefully and in harmony with our surroundings and to give back to the planet as we take. Like a tree takes from the ground, it also returns nutrients as the leaves fall. Let’s change the direction of this planet and feed it well, so it can feed us. We all want to live a life that is rich, but rich in happiness does not involve wealth. Stop the greed and stop selling the planet!



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