Day 113 (positive project) Taken for Granted

Grocery trip from Hell

On the 113 day of my positive change project I experienced the most annoying trip to the grocery store I have ever had to face. This trip however has taught me to appreciate the moment and to not take certain things for granted.

After gathering up two bags worth of groceries we proceeded to the till where after scanning and bagging the items, none of our cards would work. We had no local currency with us and were to walk to the only place Santa Teresa has a cash machine. The cash machine was about a thirty minute walk along a dusty hot road in the opposite direction to our accommodation. Now for those that are unfamiliar with playa Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, it is made up of one long road that runs parallel to the beach. The road is a mixture of dust, sand, gravel and molasses. (yes they use the molasses to reduce dust and make it sticky). Our accommodation was at the far north and the bank was about an hour walk south. The grocery store was pretty much central to these two locations.

At the end of our walk to the bank, we were met by one faulty cash machine and one empty cash machine. This was to be a test. I had some American dollars at the accommodation, so it was decided we would walk back to get them. On route we checked in at the grocery store to confirm our groceries had been retained for us. After witnessing the bags under the cashiers desk we continued back to our apartment. Making a reluctant u-turn once the money had been collected, we headed back to the grocery store. I was aware of a feeling of annoyance inside, but I also realized that nothing can change the situation I was in. It was happening and I was to take whatever lesson I could from it, aside from the lesson of making sure you have enough money on you!
On arrival at the grocery store half of our selection had been placed back on the shelves. Not to worry, I was to make peace with the current moment and take pride in my ability to enjoy this journey.
The items were rescanned and carried home. I learnt a lot about the sights of Santa Teresa and continue to reap the benefits of the amazing physical exercise. After around two hours of walking in flip flops along a dusty road, the groceries had way more value to them. Let’s not forget the value of our food and truly understand it’s importance.


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