Day 111 (positive project) Airline Faith

I know you’re all just so eager to find out about my next connecting flight, so let me tell you.

After a fairly unsettling boarding onto what turned into a settling flight, we reached San Salvador in a better shape than we had set off. This aside, there was a shade of tense creeping in, due to the upcoming thirty minute connection time. We disembarked the plane at a heightened state of awareness, ready to take on some mammoth task of airport gymnastics. Despite our keen enrollment in this contest, none of the competition turned up and our first place trophy could be enjoyed in all it’s glory, for at least twenty minutes, following an overly simple four-hundred meter walk along one corridor to gate thirteen.
One and a half hours later and after a total of one car journey, one train journey, three planes and a run; the breathing could not yet take a emphatic outpouring. We had one bag to collect.

Zero suspense at this stage, it popped out pretty promptly and we were set. We had arrived in Costa Rica, be it with a couple of minor emotional bruises, but nothing that the achievement of making it couldn’t overshadow.


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