Day 110 (positive project) Travel Advice

It’s been 4 days since I wrote a blog post. Since then I have been been awake for 38 hours, walked about 30kms, ridden in a dusty jeep, shoed a cockroach, listened to a monkey and watched some butterflies.
The list goes on, but I want to attempt to separate out my days into some singular form of positivity. So now I revert back to February 2.

The Connection
With a three hour connection time, one would not foresee too much of an issue in catching the next flight. However, never say never.
Whilst in terminal three at San Francisco airport, happily whiling away the time, laughing at people running for flights and observing the empty space in the departure gate column of our flight to San Salvador; we noticed that our flight was infact the only one without a gate. About twenty five minutes before departure we decided to inquire. After fifteen minutes we made very little headway, but after a walk around and a few seemingly useless conversations with airport staff, we managed to speak over the courtesy phone to a person with some knowledge. We had ten minutes until the plane were to take off, and bearing in mind they usually close the gate ten minutes prior to departure, we had zero minutes to get to a different terminal! What ensued was a crazy running experience that saw us move across acres of airport space, up and down escalators and through a surprisingly crowd-less security check. We were met on the other side of security by a flight representative, who upon receipt of us, radioed the rest of the crew to say, “we are on our way, I have them”. Yes, we were those people!
As we approached the airplane door, with my belt still hanging from my pocket following the security check, we were relieved to see that there was one person ahead of us just about to get on. So despite our sweaty exterior and our upset at having to forgo our now much needed bottle of water, we didn’t hold up the plane AND we made it.

Now the next question was “Will we make the next connection of just a 30 minute window in San Salvador?”


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