Building a Database of the World

I’m traveling to Costa Rica and I tell you this for 2 reasons. One, I may be without Internet for some of my time and therefore might not be posting my daily positive project, so no need to worry about me, I’m fine.

Secondly, I feel violated by the procedure here at the airport.
Now this blog does not comply with my positive theme, which is why it is not in that category, but I give you fair warning!

The first leg of the journey touches down in San Francisco. For this reason the United States border control get involved. This comes with it, a plethora of rather annoying shaped hoops to jump through.
My check in procedure is at first interrupted by the need to register for a visa waiver program to enter the states! I’m only connecting and will be in America for less than 3 hours! Nevertheless, I must register online with all my personal details and supply $14.00 credit card payment.
Ok, that complete, I am then asked to proceed through a different set of doors to my travel partner. The reason: a special search! Yay! My bag got drug scanned and I was offered a physical search or a body scan. I opted for whichever was easier for them.
Whilst stepping in to a futuristic looking body scanning machine I asked, “Will this transport me to Costa Rica?” Thankfully this comment was received in the best way possible, with indifference. I asked if I could look at the picture but this attempt was foiled as the image was projected to ‘a man upstairs’.
Ok, all clear and it was into declaration point. Following a request to remove my hat, I was to supply all finger and thumb prints of both hands and look into a small round camera. Not sure if that was a standard picture or an iris scanner!? Either way, I felt like a criminal and I wasn’t even visiting America. I ‘one-lined-it’ to the customs guy,”Building a database of the world eh!?” I held myself back from any further potential cheekiness, although I did have a comment regarding democracy on the subs bench.

So now the United States of America has all my personal information I am allowed to go to Costa Rica!!

I must take this opportunity to thank the “Land of the Free” for this unwavering freedom.



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