Day 106 (positive project) Your Body Talks – Exit the Madness

take to change Exit the madness listen to your bodyI became sick today! “This is not positive!” I hear you exclaim. But indeed it is.

Our body is an intelligent being and is constantly sending us messages should we choose to listen to them. Occasionally we get caught up in what’s outside of us as we have lots to ‘do’. Logistics to sort and plans to organize, it takes our attention away from our bodies’ voice.
Getting sick is the body telling you, and in some cases forcing you, to stop.

The more you tune in to your body the earlier you will receive the messages. Clearly it’s time for me to turn the dial tighter and tune in a little finer.

The body is amazing, it will tell you fascinating stories if you give yourself the space to allow it.


6 thoughts on “Day 106 (positive project) Your Body Talks – Exit the Madness

      1. lisa and i didn’t stop getting sick until we gave up dairy and gluten. what you could do to optimize your food-related health issues is try an elimination diet (when you’re well) – and slowly re-introduce foods and food groups and see if your body reacts negatively to anything. once you’ve figured that out, you can configure your diet to make your body the most effective at fighting illness.

      2. have a gab with lisa – she knows more than i about the elimination business – and feel better soon! but i’ve not been sick in two years, other than a single random 1800s illness in my lungs that i doubt my immune system could have blocked 🙂

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