Day 104 (positive project) The Inter-net of Humanity

More often than not we come across writings and blogs that recommend that we ‘disconnect‘, or ‘get back to nature’ and leave our computers or personal devices alone for a while, which is all good advice! However, I don’t want to lose sight of how AMAZING the internet is.  It provides us with the ability to communicate to pretty much anyone on the planet in realtime through an unthinkable profusion of methods.  It can also answer many questions, allow you to book holiday, meet new friends, voice your opinion, add to the political debates, feed you a variety of preferred news articles and most amazing of all, change the world!

The way the world interacts has changed, people are now being heard and governments are being forced to listen. The internet seems more vocal than a voting booth and the internet is helping to shine a light on things that are both wrong and right.  It is accelerating the manner in which humanity is changing.  If companies like Apple have a 30 year plan laid out ahead (so I hear) then I am sure the governments do too.  But the internet is messing with their plan, information is spreading faster and less secrets can be kept, (wikileaks) we live in a reactionary intertwined web of humanity that is demanding action on all different levels in relation to many different subjects.

The internet is a fascinating tool if used correctly and in a positive way, lets keep it that way.


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