Day 102 (positive project) Saving the Lonely Planet

In my past travel experiences, I have found great help inside bulky, yet somewhat necessary, Lonely Planet Guide Books.  Many times I have found copies floating around in various unexpected locations, with tatty covers, missing pages and pre-highlighted for extra guidance.  I have also been known to leave copies of these books lying around to inspire the next weary traveller. They are however, sometimes a little bulky and heavy and therefore lacking the characteristics of a good travelling companion.

It was to my sheer joy that I have just found the environmentally lighter version. Lonely Planet now offer the PDF versions.  You can also simply buy just single chapters too should you wish to merely travel a specific area.

So, I have now downloaded the pdf version of the book and can carry it with me on my iPhone or iPad, or any other device that supports pdf’s.  Perfect!


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