Day 101 (positive project) Used Rocks!


I decided that before my upcoming trip to costa rica I needed to get some new hiking shoes as mine were literally falling apart!
I thought about heading out to various stores and thought about the huge unfortunate expense I was about to experience.
This perceived expense was completely stamped out following an unexpected stumble into a used clothing store.
Whilst sat amongst piles of clothes and shoes that were arranged in tue style of a typical hoarder, I came across a pair of hiking shoes. These shoes were the exact same model as the ones already on my feet, except maybe a year newer and lacking the holes that mine were proudly sporting! They were my size and upon trying them on I exclaimed that the lady had a sale.
A mere five dollars lighter I walked out of the store completely in awe of how the universe had provided me this amazing answer to the intention I had only set about thirty minute prior.
The world works in mysterious ways and my new, used shoes, rock!


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