Day 99 (positive project) Surprise!!

Who doesn’t love surprises? Im not talking about being startled, or necessarily a physical gift, but more so about a sudden arrival of a friend or loved one, or a sudden change in your daily plan that was unexpected, but planned in secret by someone else.
It is always very nice to be the surprised, but I feel it can be even more exciting to be the surpriser. I have in the past turned up at my parents house completely unannounced after having been traveling for 2 years. Prior to my knock at the door they believed I was in Singapore. The excitement I felt the entire journey home in anticipation of their reaction was close to overwhelming.

So today, I arrive a day early to surprise another, excited for the look on their face, and somewhat satisfied; as it comes as retaliation to a previously received surprise.



2 thoughts on “Day 99 (positive project) Surprise!!

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