Day 97 (positive project) Pulling Together


I heard some alarming news today. A friend of mine has been missing for the last few days. Mike Grefner has allegedly disappeared and has not been seen since Monday. This however, is not a time for worry or panic, nothing can be achieved by this. I clearly hold hope that Mike has simply taken a time out. Something that many say is in his character and highly likely.

I am amazed with how friends have created a Facebook group in order to try and piece together the details of the last time he was seen in an attempt to trace him and to make sure he is safe. It gives me a huge sense of togetherness and support when I see people coming together like this.
People don’t often tell you how much they care for you, it is something that can be glazed over. Mike’s disappearance highlights how much people really care. Only yesterday, before I knew of this news, did I mention Mike: I explained to a friend how Mike once mentioned to me that he wanted to be a Professor of happiness. I do not believe in coincidences and feel that there must be a reason this thought came to me before I heard the news.

So let us all remain positive, knowing that Mike has proved how much people truly care about one another and the message of happiness from Mike rings on.


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