Day 96 (positive project) Art In the Mundane

Waiting around in an airport is not a pastime I regard in anyway glamorous. Depending on the airport, one could even class it as a rather mundane experience. Gatwick airport in London England, quite comfortably sinks into the lower numbers within the scale of delightful. Blank, hard, expressionless surfaces run from corner to corner in an attempt to assist herding passengers in an orderly manner to their preferred destinations. Garishly colored cordon barriers, laid out in a complicated maze arrangement offer a splash of color to distract your gaze from the melancholy faces that line up beside them.
I agreed to the rules and therefore have plenty of hours before I’m allowed to even see the machine that will hold me prisoner for the next day of my life. But the day has started well and I remembered to pack food. Twenty minutes are enjoyed through the motion of my chewing, after which I conduct and complete a Skype call.
I am now lost for something to fix my attention to, nothing is holding my eyes. I look up, causing Instagram to enter my thoughts; t’s time for some iPhone magic.
Now, here to the positive aspect of my journey and the essence of this particular blog post. The mundane ceiling, dotted with bright incandescent bulbs, becomes a beautiful background for three striking metal railings that were previously my Costa Coffee cage.
A photo is taken and a filter applied.
Art is created from the mundane.
It’s 6am. It’s taken a night of travel and checking in, to get to this point. A nasally flight attendant announces an unintelligible sprouting of words through the speaker system, people shuffle, it’s nearing that time!
Just enough time to write this post and to explain that if you just take time to look around, art exists everywhere.



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