Day 90 (positive project) Stay Positive

As today is day ninety of my positive project, I sit in amazement at how far this has gone. Even though I set out to do this for an entire year, I did not have confidence that I would get past two weeks! So to hit the three month mark is astounding.

I wanted to use this milestone as an opportunity to recap and to highlight the changes that have stood strong up until now.

It has now become common practice for me to look for something positive in each day as it passes. I have heard before that it takes ninety days for a habit to take root, or for a new mindset to form. I feel that it didn’t take that long for me, but I can safely say, that there isn’t a day that passes during which I do not find myself searching for positivity. This in itself is a positive change, a way of living that increases your well being and improves health through positive reinforcements. Not one positive change or acknowledgement has had any negative repercussions. Yes, it can be time consuming and occasionally very testing to see positivity on every single day, but if you look for it, you find it.

Maintaining changes
Some of my posts are simply an observation or a minor action of positivity, but others are actual complete changes, I have managed to maintain many of the changes and list a few of them below….

1) Conscious of whether I really need to turn the light on
2) No Beef has been eaten since starting my year of no beef
3) Don’t use paper towels or hand dryers in public washrooms
4) Eat organic where possible
5) Never use a take out cup
6) Stopped taking milk & sugar in coffee
7) Regularly donate to worthy environmental organizations
8) Opening the window during a shower instead of using extractor fan
9) Making certain food from scratch where possible
10) Recycle where possible
11) Following my passions more closely
12) Regularly make a date with nature
13) Regular exercise
14) Remain politically active in trying to shape the future
15) Meditate
16) Continue to minimize belongings
17) I have become more giving
18) Mindful of reducing waste in all areas of life, from plastic forks, to carrier bags, it is at the forefront of my mind.

There are many more changes, my point here, is to simply highlight how it has changed my life and has had such a positive effect. I am also aware that it has had a similar effect on other people that have been reading my words. This proves a point that every change we make in our lives has a knock on effect and we should never underestimate how powerful a small individual change can be.
If we stay positive and focus on a positive change for the world, people will follow suit. If something is so beneficial then why wouldn’t one want to change to make that difference. I have faith that a positive outlook can stretch around the globe and take root. If the drinks brand ‘coke’ or the word ‘iPod’ can become a household name, or the Internet sensation twitter can become common place amongst millions of people, then we can surely change the face of the world.
It all starts with you.


One thought on “Day 90 (positive project) Stay Positive

  1. You are an inspiring spark of light. Keep shining and spreading your positive light, it is much needed and appreciated in these times. Keep up the good work ❤

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