Day 89 (positive project) People are Amazing


There are many different types of people, they come from all backgrounds and walks of life. No two people are the same, not even twins. The human race has achieved so many amazing feats over the years and have overcome many challenges. The face of the world is forever changing and people are becoming ever more diverse. With so many different beliefs and points of view people are all pulling in different directions, which also comes with its challenges.

For those of us that are aware of current world issues, we know that the human race is on the verge of some large changes. We are at a tipping point where our individual and collective actions make a difference. It is down to us now to choose a path. I know there are many people out there that really have no clue, or even have a care about this, but my positive acknowledgement for the day is a choice to realize the amount of people in the world that DO care and are constantly searching for answers and striving for a better world for all the right reasons.

I appreciate all these people who continue to search for truth and strive for humanity.


2 thoughts on “Day 89 (positive project) People are Amazing

  1. Hi Al, I also believe that we are on the cusp of a new day and that the time is present to choose for ourselves. That is one of the reasons I write; my goal is to put something out there that may help humanity to catch a glimpse of something different. I appreciate your blog because your words are helping to create a new earth. I support you in your writing and I thank you for the eloquence with which you have your say

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