Day 88 (positive project) Time for Food

In recent months, I have developed an deeper appreciation for food. In previous posts, I mentioned the importance of organic food. This has since developed into an understanding of the preparation of good food.
Much of western society seems to have turned to a ‘convenience’ food; buying pre-packaged meals, or eating out. People seem to have lost sight of how satisfying and also nutritional, making your own food can be. It may take a little bit more of your time to prepare a meal, but to sit down at home with a meal you have prepared is the best way of nurturing yourself.

Tonight, I took a little extra time to cook a meal for my family, looking on the Internet for good recipes, making the meal as tasty as possible. It took very little effort, but received a great deal of appreciation and eating together as a family is also very valuable.


One thought on “Day 88 (positive project) Time for Food

  1. I’m like the odd-man out because I cook from scratch, use mostly organic or “clean” products, shy away from fast food restaurants, and don’t buy pre-packaged stuff. I love hearing about others who are also committed to nurturing the body with wholesome food. Thank you.

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