Day 84 (positive project) Switching On Again

Do I have to switch on again!?

I have thoroughly enjoyed switching off from my devices and the Internet. Even though it was a very short time, it highlighted my dependence, or should i say addiction, to my devices.

I learnt that I really don’t NEED to check them as often as I do. I also learnt that I often repeat tasks; as I do them when I think of them, but then do them again when I actually require the information.

Leaving the devices alone has afforded me time to be with myself and I believe has allowed more self nurturing. Instead if giving up ones energies to a distant online world, those energies can be directed towards other important things.

Maybe as I try and switch off more often, I will slowly reduce my dependence on my devices.

I do recognize the usefulness of the technology for finding my way around for instance, but I can now at least decide between an addictive glance at my device, compared with an actual useful requirement.


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