Day 82 (positive project) Challenging Beliefs

I once read a fantastic article about the confirmation bias (sorry, I don’t have the link). The confirmation bias is the explanation given to the way we see the world, what we read, who we hang out with and what we believe. People hunt out information that backs up their beliefs, people enjoy articles that confirms what they already thought. If you support a certain belief, you will read about that belief, if you had confidence in Obama, you would buy a book that says how great Obama is.
So for me, I am very keen on environmental issues and am very happy when I come across articles that back up my beliefs. Seeing an article saying how solar panels are becoming cheaper and are a good source of energy, reaffirms my beliefs and is all a part of my confirmation bias.

Having said this though, it can be very interesting and expanding to look for contradictory articles. Today I spent some time reading articles that completely went against my beliefs. It is initially difficult to take the articles seriously, it also can trigger a reaction, but in hindsight I feel it offers balance and an alternative viewpoint.


5 thoughts on “Day 82 (positive project) Challenging Beliefs

  1. I would love to see this fantastic article you refer to. There is a deep truth that we look for items that reinforce our beliefs. We all have our niche and most of us don’t like leaving our comfortable bubble.

  2. That confirmation bias article is an interesting perspective, but like any perspective, it is partial and selective. It clarifies certain things, but distorts other certain things. In fact, it collapses on itself in a circular way… To say that the universe isn’t trying to tell you something when “co-incidents” occur is up to you.

    Once I was trying to impress the magic of all that is to a cynic friend. Before I left my house, I switched my plain black hoodie to “Fruit Loops” hoodie, but i left my lipchap in the black hoodie. When I met my friend at The Brewhouse, I needed the lipchap. I realized that I forgot it, and nearly cursed my decision to switch to the colorful Fruit Loops hoodie. I then tapped into positive and said to my cynic friend “Wouldn’t it be nice if you had lipchap?”

    She coldly said “Why don’t you ask the universe Mike?”

    We walked from Brewhouse to 7-11 to buy some lipchap, when my friend Alena saw me, an she said “I love your Fruit Loops hoodie! Oh my god, I have to give you something.”

    She reached in her purse and pulled out a tiny Fruit Loops box, opened it up and said “It’s lipchap!”

    The reason I forgot lipchap was because I switched to the Fruit Loop hoodie.
    Fruit Loops is in the business of making cereal, and it is fair to say that lipchap and hoodies made by Fruit Loops are rare to boot.

    If you grasp what I am pointing at as magic, it will serve you to the core of your being. If you say “This is non-sense”, you are still right, and it won’t serve you 😉

    1. Yes, the world is very special. I definitely do not look at the confirmation bias from one narrow minded angle, I merely think it is an interesting angle to look at it. We all need to realize when the universe provides special moments. Coincidences don’t just happen. I relate the confirmation bias more to researching news articles and opening up to reading things that go against ones beliefs. As I say I do not necessarily agree with those articles, I just find it can offer an alternative view than just filling yourself with articles that back everything up that you already believe.
      It’s similar to surrounding yourself with friends that all believe the same thing. It is very nice and adds support, but they never challenge you to argue your point.

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