Day 81 (positive project) Slow Down

I am currently playing tour guide in my home country. There is clearly a lot to see, with a finite amount of time available. Aside from time available, there is also a finite amount of energy available. We rarely realize how much energy running around consumes. Having moved from a sedentary pace to a fast one in recent days, it has emphasized how some people operate at a higher pace, at a detriment to their health. I have seen commercials that promote the taking of ‘pain killers’ in order to ‘get your Saturday back’! Why should we put ourselves through so much, just so that we can feel crap and then feed the pharmaceutical industry millions of dollars?

Getting stuck in rush hour traffic today, afforded me the opportunity to actually go slow. Whilst sat there, I realized that it was the most relaxing pace I had been since arriving back in England.

It reminded me of a quote made familiar to me by Abraham Hicks. “You can never get it wrong and you’ll never get it done!” taking this into consideration, I realized that it was OK to go slow and, yes, I will never get it all done, it’s just impossible. So, as long as I can stay healthy and enjoy time as it passes, it doesn’t matter what we do or don’t see, ‘cos it’ll never get done anyway.


One thought on “Day 81 (positive project) Slow Down

  1. hicks is one of my absolute fav people. funny how we both had the same idea! although for me it was because of a totally horrible work day. breathing helps.

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