Day 80 (positive change) Bravery

The dental escapade continues. There is no one more than me that wishes I had something else to write about, but I was once told that something will not go away until the lesson has been learnt. I am clearly being forced to learn a valuable lesson. Today the second installment of my root canal took place. The dentist explained the risks of the procedure;
1) cracking the tooth, causing extraction.
2) snapping the tool, leaving it in there and filling in over the top.
He didn’t really touch on the potential of it being a success.

I was concerned, but I ‘bit the bullet’ and we got on with it. The dentist was pleased with the result. I was surprised how quickly and painlessly it all went.
Whilst sat in the chair, I was reminded of times at the dentists as a child. I remember being rewarded with small toys and freebies from the dentist and being told how brave I had been. As one grows older, the viewpoint of bravery disappears. It is just something we do, something we take in our stride.
Having learnt from my previous visit to the dentist, now knowing that every moment passes, I showed no fear during this visit and I left the dentist, surprised and amazed that it was over so quickly. There was no one telling me I was brave. Was I being brave, or was I simply not scared?

I later found this pertinent quote that I will leave you with:-

“There is no such thing as bravery only degrees of fear” ~ John Wainwright


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