Day 79 (positive project) Oh sugar!


I have not changed or given up anything for New Years. I am simply continuing on a path of change, always looking for ways to improve myself, my attitude and my surroundings. My ‘take to change’ blog is certainly helping me along with this. When one actively participates in writing one positive action, change or viewpoint each day, as I have now for 79 days, it causes you to to really make changes and to look at things in a positive light. If I didn’t then I’d have nothing to write. But doing it for the sake of writing a blog has so long passed. The real reason of making a positive difference in ones life has firmly taken root.

I used to take 2 sugars and either milk or cream in my coffee. About 2 weeks ago, I moved to black coffee with no sugar. I didn’t blog about it for 2 reasons. Firstly because I had more pertinent subject matter to write about and secondly because I guess I wanted to make sure it was possible and that it was gonna stick.

I was encouraged to give up milk and sugar for a number of reasons. Health, encouraged by both my recent visit to the dentist and by watching ‘forks over knives’; a film about the unhealthy effects of dairy. Environmental, the unnecessary additional packaging requirements of sugar and milk. Especially those little plastic one shot milks and the small sugar sachets, a huge waste. And the third reason, additional costs.

So although I gave up sugar and milk in coffee at least two weeks ago, I can nominate it as my news years resolution if you feel the need.

Enjoy your new year, stay committed to constant change.


2 thoughts on “Day 79 (positive project) Oh sugar!

  1. I love what you wrote about giving up things in life that are unhealthy. Once we know that something really is not benefitting our bodies or lives, we’re always given the option of whether to give it up or not. Congratulations on making what sounds like a wise choice. It’s not always easy to choose the better path.

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