Day 69 (positive project) Stress Free Christmas

I write this while sat in a Shopping Mall. I sit, observing the madness, shop, carry, run, shop. I haven’t been Christmas shopping this year. It is very liberating. Even more so, if I completely disconnect from judging those that continue to shop for their last minute gift.

I continue to search for true meaning to December 25th. In the meantime, I wish you all happiness and and a stress free time of appreciation.


3 thoughts on “Day 69 (positive project) Stress Free Christmas

  1. Hi Al, We have not bought any gifts this year either…Not even one. It has been a peaceful holiday season. No rush, no stress, just peacefully going through each day.

    This is just my thought about meaning for Dec. 25. For me, it’s just another day. I attach more meaning to Solstice and Yuletide because those are earth celebrations. Happy holidays to you, if you’re celebrating a holiday; if not, happy day to you.

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