Day 68 (positive project) A Good Root

Everybody needs a good root now and again right!?  So here’s one I suggest.

Liquorice Root

Awesome Healthy Tea

Yes, I apologise, some of the more dirty minded amongst us may have had something else in mind when reading the title of this post, but no, I am a clean living guy and distance myself from such gutter talk.

Liquorice root is an amazing herb that not only contains a bunch of anti-depressant compounds but also is known to reduce congestion.  It has a whole list of potential uses, which are outlined in this article.

I decided to hunt out some liquorice root tea bags, not only to reap the benefits of a good root, but also to reduce my caffeine and dairy intake from my usual standard English Cuppa.

Liquorice Root

I saw a box of 16 tea-bags, priced at just under $7.00 – I thought this was a little steep (pun intended), so then glancing over to a different area of the store, I saw a jar of loose liquorice root.  On weighing this out into my trusty small re-sealable, re-usable bag, I realized I could take enough root that would easily make double the amount of 16 bags, for a mere $2.00 – Bingo!

So, I hit a few positives on this one.  Reduced waste by not buying a box containing individually wrapped t-bags, improved health by switching to liquorice root, reduced spending and as I also love to buy liquorice sweets, reducing in that area too creates an all round win win.


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