Day 65 (positive project) Support

Today, for the last 11 hours, I have had, and still have, a killer headache.  It has pretty much immobilized me, or at least slowed me down.  I was thankfully in a position whereby I could rest in a dark room, watching a couple of movies.  I didn’t want to do anything, or even write my daily blog, until I checked an email.

The email was from a fellow blogger…. AMS Daily (Aspire, Motivate, Succeed) with a blog titled “Don’t give up – Keep on!”

Reading this blog was all I needed to encourage me not to give up.  It made me realize how much support is out there and how important it is to support those around us.  We very rarely realize how our action can have such an impact on others.  It has reminded me how valuable support is and how simple it can be to help others, sometimes even without knowing it.

Now my blog is written, all whilst my food was cooking.  Although my headache is still there, I feel better knowing I have achieved something.


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