Day 63 (positive project) Introspection

I have recently discovered that I have been causing myself undue stress by being concerned about what another person thinks, moreso, about how a person will react to something I am about to do or say.

I seem to be over analysing their potential response, which therefore causes me to think too much about how to say or position something.  This intern pushes me into the future, not yet existent conversation, throwing up all manner of potential pitfalls, creating fear through my perceived inability to deal with the not yet created conflict.  This can force me to actually say or do nothing, based on this mind made role play.

Although I never want to upset or offend anyone, I need to understand that I am not responsible for the feelings I stir in another.  So long as my intention is good, their reaction, is their stuff and it is not my responsibility.  I also need to remember that I am equipped to deal with any response that comes my way and to remain present and confident in myself.

Introspection is valuable.


2 thoughts on “Day 63 (positive project) Introspection

  1. Al, I go through the same mental masturbation when I write. What will people say? How will my family react? Will this make so and so angry? Like you, I never want to upset anyone, but I have to write what is streaming through my consciousness. Thanks for a well-said post.

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