Change the Future in 10 minutes

Something deep inside me is causing me to write these words. Fate has laid things out in such a way that at this crucial time of change, I am free from work commitments and have had time to focus on matters of importance. I have taken powerful interest of late in the Environment and have began to educate myself in the matter. At school, I used to like geography and learning about erosion, ox bow lakes and volcanoes. I left school at 16 and didn’t pursue anything related to geography or the environment. I used to enjoy playing outside in the street and enjoyed trips to the woods and later playing on my bike in nature.

In adult life, I bought into the system, I worked for the government. I had become just a number, a cog in the wheel, doing what I was told. I wanted to make a difference, but knew deep down that I wasn’t; it was all a role play. Peoples’ realities were merely role plays, trapped by the confines of the system. It all works so well though, we are born, we go to school where we are taught about the system, we pick a job to do inside the system and we get monetary rewards for staying quiet and completing our assigned tasks.

This enables us to eat and now we’re trapped. In order to eat, we must work. In order for shelter, we must work. The government takes some of our money and invests it in earth destroying activities so that they can retire us from the workforce at a certain age and give us some money back to help us survive our last years as useless members of society. Worthless, cast offs, expired, not strong enough to feed the system.

Time for Change

Well, don’t you think it’s time this system changed? It seems so drab, empty of soul and lacks purpose. Is this not why people are constantly asking, “What’s the point? Why I am here? What’s my purpose?”

Your purpose, in this early stage of evolution, is to become conscious. We are still not fully evolved and have one foot in monkey land. Our purpose is to recognize this and evolve. We are such complex creatures and the only ones capable of speech and thought. Have you ever stopped to realize how amazing, yet insane the situation is. We all live on a living rotating organism that flies through space, in perfect harmony with a multitude of other planets and endless stars. There is something special out there and monkeys don’t have the ability to recognize it.

Nature Rules

Nature is fantastically powerful, it will either sustain you, or kill you. The route it picks is determined by how you treat it. We, as a world, have the choice to work with nature, we also have a choice to work against nature. As nature always wins, I don’t feel like entering into a fight with it.

If we constantly steal from the Earth and discard our waste into the Earth, it will chew us up and spit us out. It will not stand for it. If we work with the Earth, using its forces in our favour and give back to the Earth by replenishing soils with healthy micro-organisms, then we can live in peace with the planet.

The reason we are all here, is not to make money, buy things and eat up the planet until it’s all gone. The reason we are here is the very planet itself. Life itself created us and we give nothing back. We need to tune in to the powers of nature and to re-educate ourselves on the cycle of life. We need to redesign humanity, develop fresh ideas and give back to the Earth. I did not chose a path of studying the planet at school, but the planet chose me and now I am doing what I can to help.

How am I helping

The video below shows you what the Tar Sands in Canada looks like – it is disgusting. Canada and the US are wanting to expand this industry and are planning on a pipeline, I am sure you have heard about it.

I feel that this moment is the turning point for humanity. Countries never used to want to buy tar sands oil, because it was dirty, but as the world runs lower & lower on available resources people are now happy to buy this oil. It is a sad state of affairs. I feel that if we can stop the construction of this pipeline we can begin the turn around to a newer cleaner energy. The creation of something different than the combustion engine and a happier future for all humans on the planet.

This is what Obama said

By the only means I now how, I have communicated my feelings to the White House. I have now written twice and despite checking the box that requests a response, I have received nothing. Obama said in his energy agenda, that he was hoping to move to 80% clean energy by 2035. He also said that he was going to eliminate tax breaks for oil & gas and reduce dependance on foreign oil. So why would he be keen to sign a deal for the XL Pipeline?

I feel that every little bit that we do contributes and the more people that become aware and actually put their feelings into action, we can make a change to our future. If you feel that you want to make a difference, you too can write something to either your own Environment Minister (google it, it’s so easy to find) or even submit a note to the White House. – Write whatever you want.

We are the people of the world, nobody owns it. We need to keep it safe so we can hand it on. Thanks for being you, listening and making a difference.


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