Day 61 (positive project) Glass Jars

Not destined for landfill

I have an ever growing collection of glass jars, they often come in useful and have a multitude of different uses, from a drinking vessel, to storing chickpeas or rice, they are very useful.  However, the collection is growing too large to make use of all the jars.  The local municipality here in Tofino merely landfills them and there is no recycling to be found.  Today with the help of the Recycling Council of BC (RCBC), we discovered that recycling can and does take place on Vancouver Island.  Unfortunately the RCBC’ ‘Recylepedia‘ does not have an option to select glass, so a few emails later located a place that does. The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange.

I just wanted to thank the Recycling Council of BC for their help in this matter, especially the friendly Jesse, who was replying to my emails.  So my collection of glass jars will now avoid landfill and return into the system somehow.  I have emailed them to ask what actually happens to the glass jars – stay tuned for that one.


4 thoughts on “Day 61 (positive project) Glass Jars

  1. Seriously? You have to engage in a long email-exchange to find out how to recylce your glas? That’s really sad! (But well done for doing it anyway! 🙂 )

  2. Thanks for linking to our website! The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange will gladly take ALL of your glass, including glass jars and plate glass. Most of our glass heads to Island Aggregate, where it is recycled and used in road aggregate!
    -The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange

    1. You’re welcome. Even though building more roads is not what I’m aiming to support, I guess it’s a better use than landfill. …. Or is it?!? Hmmmm…..


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