Day 60 (positive project) Meditation

Last night, I couldn’t get to sleep, I had thoughts running around inside my head.  Stories I was inventing, role plays and events that hadn’t happened.  I created thought patterns and characters for people I’d never met, or hardly knew.  Playing them over and over and creating more and more imaginary information.  It was because of this, I knew I needed to take time out to meditate this morning.

At the time, when I was caught in this whirlwind of thought, I was at least able to recognize it and brought my attention back to the current moment, which helped, but knew that it needed addressing on a deeper level, hence the meditation this morning.

I try to meditate each day, but that just doesn’t happen, so if I can try at least twice a week, then I feel a little more connected to myself.  Each time I meditate, I am able to become the breath, I am able to sense my entire self and disconnect from thought, yet continue to acknowledge thought.

I was able to locate the tension within and offer breath to the area, which miraculously softens the tension.  Images appear now and again, I use them wisely as pointers or signs, when fully connected they instantly take on meaning, which brings with it a knowing. It is a special feeling to connect with yourself on this level, a way of recharging, a way of understanding and a way of letting go.  It highlights what is necessary and provides answers of true importance.  It has taken me many sessions of sitting & reflection to arrive at a place where meditation has become important and useful, I now know what power lies within.


A friend of a friend began a ninety day mediation challenge and blogs about it here if you feel inclined.


2 thoughts on “Day 60 (positive project) Meditation

  1. Right on, I’ve decided to start meditating as well. Though I feel like the meditation I do to music, which I never thought of as mediation until recently, is also very beneficial.

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