Day 58 (positive project) Saving for a Rainy Day

Today is actually beautifully sunny, but in the metaphorical terms suggested in the title, it is my rainy day.

We all like to try and put money away for a rainy day, at the time we save, we maybe hope that our savings will be used towards a new toy, or trip or to buy a perfect gift for someone, but in my case the rainy day savings have been called into action.

Half of my tooth fell out last week and the news today was that I needed a substantial amount of work completed on my teeth.  It can be very disappointing to realize that your hard earned savings will have to be used for medical expenses, but on the plus side, I am very grateful that I was in a position to have this work carried out.  Following my appointment next week, my teeth will be in a much better state of affairs and I can relax in the comfort of knowing that I have spent my savings on a very important issue; my own health.

This highlights the importance of taking care of yourself from the very beginning.  It is time for me to renew my love of dental floss and healthy food stuffs.



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