Canada Fails Humanity but Serves Corporate Consumer Greed

The people of Canada are an extremely environmentally conscious group of people and here, more than anywhere, I have witnessed the rise of great people doing great things to promote environmental awareness. The country has an amazingly diverse and beautiful landscape which lends itself perfectly to a great deal of outdoor pursuits. For this reason the people that live here understand the importance of looking after the environment and have such a deep appreciation for it. It is because of this that I am completely shocked at the recent decision by Peter Kent, someone who for some unjust reason, has earned the position of Environment Minister!! You have to be kidding. An Environment Minister that pulls out of the Kyoto Treaty??!

Despite Canada’s love of the environment, there is a dark side to it, Oil & Wood export. These items seem to contribute a huge amount to the economy and the Governments’ need for greed is holding it back in regards to progress in relation to all things green.

If Canada just said, “no, we will not export Oil”, then maybe some scientist group would have to come up with alternative ways to create energy. In fact I am pretty sure people already have. I feel that there is too much greed and too much money to be made from Oil and the current system, that the large corporations that control the industry are lobbying the governments so hard that they have been bought over.
If Stephen Harper & Peter Kent were true Canadians, I feel they would honor the land and it’s native people, take pride in the beauty that the country has to offer and not bow down to the American demands and pressure.
Just because our government doesn’t care doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. We need to do everything within our power to focus on a new way forward.

Read how Canada pulls out of the Kyoto Agreement


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