Day 56 (yesterday) (positive project) Cut some Slack

If I don’t mention it, I am sure no one would have noticed; but I did not post my positive change yesterday!!!  Shock horror!  Last night, just before bed, I was aware that I hadn’t posted it.  As I began to assume guilt from not posting, my attention shifted to any positive outlook that could come from not posting.  I thought about using the perception of ‘taking a break’, but that is not the full true reason as to why I didn’t post.

Lunar Eclipse from Canada December 10th 2011

As I gave it a little more thought, I realized that I had completed some very positive things yesterday.  I had risen from bed at 5.30am to witness a rare occurrence of the Earth casting a shadow over the moon, followed by a spur of the moment trip to see the sunrise.  This was accompanied by a sea lion popping its head out the water next to me and four Eagles flying over head.  And this was all before breakfast!

Later in the day, I became aware of the final moments of the Global Climate Conference in Durban and began to tweet the final countries summings up of the proposed text, spreading awareness of important global matters.  I accompanied these tweets with a brief write up of my own.

The conclusion I have reached for not posting is simply that “We are all Human.”  We are not machines and can not be expected to be on form 100% of the time.  I am allowing myself flexibility and freedom to express what and when I feel appropriate, happy in the knowledge that the positive change blog is still as strong as ever.

Stay positive, positive peeps.



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