Why wait for the World Leaders to Adapt?

Image courtesy of Grist

It appears that many countries are having difficulty accepting the document put forward at the COP17.  This may make a huge impact on moving forward with a sustainable clean future.  But why do we have to wait for the leaders to set the rules.  We can make a new system from the bottom up.

This will be a tough move, but it needs to happen.  Make small changes yourself now, with a view to move towards a sustainable future, we don’t need guidance or control from above.  I understand that big businesses need to be controlled, but as creative people, we can all start reducing our consumerist habits and our wasteful ways now.  If we leave it to the global leaders it appears nothing will be achieved.

You know what to do:- reduce your dependance on oil, that includes plastics, buy organic food, stay away from GMO food, move away from big banks and supporting large corporations.  Move to renewable energy, purchase your own solar panels (this is something I plan on doing in the new year).

Let’s not wait for our leaders.  I remember a saying from my childhood, “If you want a job doing properly, do it yourself!”


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