Day 55 (positive project) Minimize

Today I spent an hour running through my wardrobe.  I was not literally running through it, it’s not that big, but I was checking through my stuff to see what I do & don’t wear these days.

Living where I do requires two very distinct seasons of clothing, Winter and Summer.  This however is no excuse for the amount of clothing I have.  Now, unlike some, I am not a clothes shopper, I very rarely buy clothing, but I do keep it around.  There are things that I came across, that are great items, but that I have not actually worn in over a year.  Why am I carting this around?

So, now is the time to reduce the amount of belongings I have.  We all tend to keep hold of things when they really serve no purpose other than an emotional attachment, a memory maybe, or a gift from someone you love.  If these items no longer serve you, then there really is no point in keeping hold of them.  The gift was given with love, the love still stands even if the gift is not there anymore.  We should not become attached to these things.

All of it is outta here

I didn’t actually count the items that I pulled out, but I have a large bag full of them.  I would maybe estimate about 30 different garments.

These will be heading off for donation somewhere on the lead up to Christmas.  Hopefully to a non-profit organization where someone will benefit from warm clothing that ordinarily they wouldn’t be able to afford.  So now is the time to find the right place for the clothes.

I wanted to direct you to an amazing article from Joshua Becker – 7 Ways to Sample Living with Less


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