Day 54 (positive project) Worry Turns to Trust

The entire premise of this blog hinges on emotion.  The very act of being positive relates to feelings of positivity and is therefore inseparable from emotion.  This awareness of ones ‘state of being’ has brought me closer to my emotions and places them somewhat in the spotlight, forcing me to take a look at them.

Now the topic of emotions is HUGE and many books have been written and will be written on this matter.  But, my current interpretation on emotions (and I reserve the right to change my opinions) is that emotions are indicators, signposts, a way to measure how you are doing and if you are on the right path.  Being able to access these emotions, or at least recognizing them when they appear is very beneficial to setting the path you desire.

Bringing positivity to the forefront during this project, obviously brings with it the negativity as you need to have both polarities for the other to exist.  Positivity has no context without negativity.  So when one attempt to remain positive, you tend to look at negative in order to choose the path.  This brought me to a fork in the road, one path is doubt, the other is trust….

We harbour doubts and mistrusts to protect ourselves. We create suffering when there is no need. The bad stuff happens in ones head, but that is merely worry. For one need not protect himself, when one is surrounded by positivity and honesty. Have faith that humanity will provide only good and if ‘badness’ does occur then be it dealt with then, as that is enough to contend with. Extra undue worry, simply adds.  It is merely mind clutter that wasteth time and emotion.  TRUST.

~ Alan  Churchill

Never disregard your emotions and never be your emotions, use them wisely.

Join me in turning Worry into Trust.


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