Pick it Up – Make Difference

Near the very start of my Positive Change Project, in fact on Day 5  (posts on this blog start on day 7 as I initially started on twitter), I decided to pick up litter on the way home from work.  I have in the past picked up random items from off the floor and placed them in the nearest bin, but never have I actually deliberately gone out with a bag to pick up a whole bunch of rubbish.

Anyway – this time I did.   I recorded my little adventure in the hopes that it may inspire more people to do the same.  I would almost like for it to start a craze.  It would be so cool to see lots of videos crop up on the internet of people picking up garbage in their area.  Even just seeing someone pick up garbage in the street encourages another, so every small action counts.

The other week I saw a member of the public pick up a couple of discarded coffee cups with their plastic lids from the gutter and place them in a nearby bin.  It was so nice to see others doing this and just reinforces the fact that there are so many people out there that care.

The Video

I recorded the video over a month ago now and have been editing it here and there, but it has been on hold since I was planning on making some music to go with it and that process can be quite lengthy.  As it turns out, something unfolded which has led me to attach some music to it that is far superior to any previous plans.

The Music

Mojave Yoga - Courtesy of Marnie Recker

Last week the local yoga studio hosted an event that involved an hour session of yoga followed by a small private unplugged mini concert by the local band Mojave.  It was an ‘attend by donation’ night, the proceeds of which were to go to Still Pointe animal shelter, chosen by the Mojave Band.  We all gathered around on the floor for a very intimate and amazing concert during which I learnt how amazing Paul and Lisa were.  One of their songs sounded perfect for this video.  Yesterday I asked if it was ok to use the music, to which I received a resounding YES.  So I am happy to not only present you with my message of reducing waste, but to expose you to a fantastic band, the song to which relates very nicely to my message also.

I do not doubt that you will enjoy their music as much as I and therefore supply you with links as to where you can purchase it.


So here’s the Video


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