Day 52 (positive project) Words for the White House

Over the last year or so, I have become more involved in searching; searching out news.  With the advent of Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds we all have much more access to news we want to find and even some we don’t.  This influx of information can be hard to control sometimes, but the benefits of it is that we all get to find out things that we may not normally find by listening to main stream media.

A few years back I was happy to move away from a place where daily news was pushed on you and to limit my exposure to the bad news at the time I thought this was great and still do feel it is a great thing to not surround yourself with bad news.  However, I have now taken the stance that, escaping the news completely, although very calming, breeds ignorance and causes us to be a byproduct of society.  I have realized that if I can take the negative news and do something positive with it, then I am giving back to society and no longer become a byproduct, but an active participant in societies creation.  And what else are we all here for, if not to contribute to society?

Being in a position where I am unable to vote, may have increased my desires for actively involving myself in a means to change, but either way, I am confident that any change, no matter how small, will make a difference.  It’s like an ingredient in a tasty dish, that pinch of salt might just make all the difference!

I recently sent the following words directly to the Keystone Pipeline Project, the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the White House (there is a little submission page on the White House Site)

I hope this post inspires you to stand up for what you believe in.

My Letter

Dear Keystone Project and Mr Harper, ( I have also submitted this online to the White House)

I am sure I am not the first to write to you about this shameful project.

I am aware that Obama has postponed a decision on this, but I am also aware of the pipeline being snuck in via the backdoor using some employment bill.

I wanted to express my fears with regards to this Earth shattering possibility of ruining the beautiful world we live in, by exploiting land and people for filthy oil.  I understand the ‘urgency’ to use this dirty oil to raise money and to feed the worlds dependance on oil, but surely we can use this as a turning point in history, so just say NO.  Let’s not use the oil, lets not extract anything from the tar sands and lets not sell it to Asia either.  Let’s just leave it where it is and move to a renewable free energy.  It is possible to cleanly and freely power all homes and businesses with out risk to animal or human life.  It will not line the pockets of big corporations or increase our return on investments for our future pensions or generations, but surely the opportunity of free energy will reduce the dependancy on money and the dependancy on the government, reducing the need for pensions and the need for war.  We are all currently fighting for Oil, if we don’t need it anymore, then we would reduce costs for war also.  If everybody has ‘the power’ then no one needs to fight for the power! Maybe this is not the ultimate goal of our world leaders but the people have the right to choose their future, not big banks, or corporations.

In a world with free power and healthy soil, we won’t need as much money.  In a world with no natural resources left, we will have nothing to spend money on and therefore will be useless anyway.  In the direction this Pipeline takes us, we will arrive at a power hungry desolate world, let’s turn this around into a clean and responsible planet.  Instead of spending your money on building a pipeline let’s re-invent the world.  Lets put money into clean energy.  Do something for other instead of for yourself.  Let’s re-invent the combustion engine, lets redesign transport, lets re-design buildings, lets redesign packaging, lets revert back to arable farming.  No more oil, please!

A concerned Human Being.

Thank you for taking the time to read my views.

Alan Churchill


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