Day 47 (positive project) Releasing Judgment

A very interesting perspective has recently appeared for me.  It is very insightful and yet ironically difficult to approach.  It is difficult to approach because it challenges the beliefs that many people conform to, and the systems by which they are guided and use to guide others.  The whole irony aspect kicks in, because the actual subject I’m dealing with, is the ability to speak out, knowing that it goes against the norm and therefore creating a fear of judgement by others.

So here goes….

Society creates markers by which we judge things, good or bad, right or wrong, insane or genius, normal or crazy.  Many people are scared to speak out about what they believe incase their friend or relative judges them, or ridicules them.  How are we to know, or who are we to judge, what is right or wrong?  People all have their own markers they use to judge themselves, most of which have become such, by conditioning, or because of exposure to certain cultures and belief systems, along with individual experiences.  So is it possible then, that culture itself could be controlled? An imposed culture, a way to act that carries down through society?  A way to think and conduct oneself, that is unknowingly policed by your very friends and family?  I feel that it is and we must not allow this to happen.

I read an article in The Guardian the other day, it mentioned that David Cameron used the word, ‘leftwing’, to insult somebody, saying they were, “Irresponsible, leftwing and weak.”  This is just one example of the societal control I refer to.  The Prime Minister of England is trying to express that leftwing is wrong, attempting to put this person down for a set of beliefs that they hold. If people became fearful of speaking out about what they believe, concerned as to the reaction from those around them, then we fall into a controlled society or culture.

The more we challenge our belief systems, by stepping out of fear, then the better chance we have of learning and creating.  We need to connect to a truth within us and be comfortable expressing that understanding.  It becomes dangerous when we blindly accept ‘the norm’.

Some random thoughts occurred to me recently and I decided to write one thought down to explore:-

When you judge, details restrain a desire to express, at the risk of ones self being judged.  When left un-judged, expression expresses; for the un-judging, are free from judgement.

My interpretation of this is that we need to release our judgement of others and ourselves in order to allow freedom of expression and increased creativity.  How does this link to challenging belief systems? Well, the very concept or image you judge yourself against, has been self-imposed by your external conditioning and those belief systems and when you conform to these, you are constricting your own self.  Only once you come into alignment with who you truly are inside; can you release judgement and act from an inner knowing rather than a place of pre-concievd notions and beliefs.

Challenge the norm, challenge yourself and expand who you are.

(so for those that missed the positive change here – I am dropping judgement of myself and others, based on pre-conditioned, externally layered, cultural beliefs – I never said any of these positive changes would be easy!!)


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